<!– Ancora vicini –>

Mi sentivo un po’ in colpa con Luciana per non averle potuto
sbloccare un inghippo che le rende complicato liberarsi e venire a
trovarmi quest’estate, ma in realtà dopo averci provato, ho constatato
quanto poco semplice fosse; forse, addirittura impossibile. Temevo che
lei ce l’avesse con me per questo, o almeno fosse delusa. Invece come al
solito lei non si aspetta niente da me: non pensa mai che io abbia dei
doveri nei suoi confronti. È adorabile.

Insomma, Luciana ed io siamo ancora pappa-e-ciccia, anche se
purtroppo un incontro a luglio rimane fuori discussione.

luciana: Ciao

juanriccio: oh ciao Luciana 🙂

how are you?

luciana: i am fine, relaxing, skipped many parties/drinks

juanriccio: skipped? Why??

luciana: yes, can you imagine what students are feeling?

juanriccio: aha – yes, I do imagine.

btw rebecca’s pregnant again 😦

luciana: your pills do not work

juanriccio: they do work 100%

she escaped my pills in critical days

it was my fault 😐

luciana: missing u :-{}

juanriccio: oh bambina bambina mia…..

me too..!!

tonight…. a band of friends of mine is playing in a beautiful “pineta” (pine forest) by the sea

they invited me – they play at 22:30 or something

but they said “we go earlier, at beach time. then we’ll have a swim at sea and play. Why don’t you join us?”

I SO wish we could go there together…!

luciana: that’s ok

and i do not know the rules of the game 🙂

and i do not speak italian

juanriccio: oh no, THEY will play a concert 😀

they’re a band

they invited me to concert and pre-concert beach 🙂

luciana: oh, I see.

yes, it could be fun

great fun 🙂 enjoy

juanriccio: I won’t go cause I’m alone

it’s 90+ minutes in the car

and weather’s HOT

luciana: and if i came, how would u introduce me?

they would ask i am sure

juanriccio: “this is Luciana”

decent introduction 😉

then they can think whatever they like

luciana: did your friends ask about me

(as u told me last time when u were back from London)

juanriccio: yes indeed. a good friend of mine (in that band) does know that I have a special person in London

luciana: i have a dinner tonight. to be honest don’t want to go very much

juanriccio: why don’t you?

luciana: just i do not want…

day is lovely, have to pick up myself, need to take shower, dress up etc. talk to you soon!


miss you

juanriccio: mee too. ciao bimba, bye!

oh, by the way if you manage to find some time, don’t forget abt my invitation 😉

september here can be quite sweet if july is impossible.

I’m waiting 4 u

luciana: thank u juan 🙂