<!– News from Luciana –>

Luciana è iperattiva in questi giorni. Stamattina mi ha mandato un SMS.

Hi honey! Good 2
hear everything’s
allright.U r
offline all the
time,maybe u’v
got a lot of work.
I’v got big news.

Più tardi mi ha trovato online su msn e mi ha detto di cosa si
stratta: forse ha trovato un modo per prolungare di un paio d’anni la
sua permanenza londinese. Aspetto ulteriori notizie e probabilmente
richieste d’aiuto. Intanto ha lanciato un affondino, ma delicato. Certo:
ne ha facoltà; e ora anche occasione.

(Prima di tutto, Luciana spiega i dettagli (omessi) della sua situazione. Poi il discorso si fa più personale.)

juanriccio: I was so happy to see your text

I’d be really glad if you made it

really, dear

luciana: really? u?

juanriccio: yes of course

it’s good for you

you care about it so much

and I want what’s good for you

and then it means we could meet easily

which I also care about @}->– :-$ 😉

luciana: long distance relationship…

i do not believe in it to be honest

juanriccio: I see 😐

whatever, anyway

luciana: and what if I want more?

than just long-distance realtionship

so what?

juanriccio: I like you a lot you know

but I’m always reluctant to jump ship

because I’ve done it before

and it never worked too well

I am what I am…

luciana: relax

i was teasing u

i know who you are

i never thought about it seriously

juanriccio: never?

but I did

luciana: well once i did too

but i realized that it is not the case

juanriccio: it’s difficult, luciana…

I had a few experiences, Imean with women near me

and it was difficult and didn’t work out so well

luciana: hey, i did not ask for explanation 🙂

i did not ask for anything

I know long distance relationships are more complex

juanriccio: the matter isn’t whether you asked or not

you are a special woman

and I like you so much

but I don’t want to make your life miserable

luciana: I was joking


sure u were serious

and i was too

I like you a lot and always will.

i said it is not the case

anyway, thanks for your advice!

juanriccio: let me know any news about this

if I have more info and can think it over

maybe I’ll come up with sensible suggestions

luciana: sure

thanks juan! 🙂

now i am signing off


Si sta allontanando?