Il colloquio con Luciana alla fine c’è stato. Come immaginavo, di
vedersi non se ne parla. Al termine del dialogo è venuto fuori un
argomento per lei atipico.

luciana: honey, i will go to a seafood restaurant soon

what should I order?

u know me, I am no expert in food…

juanriccio: I’d go for scallops – I love them

or king prawns

luciana: what’s that?

juanriccio: scallops:

king prawns are like…. hmm, prawns, big shrimps.

very tasty.

luciana: i’ll show you the menu, can u please advise me?

juanriccio: hmm.

who’s paying the bill? 😉

luciana: share.

is it expensive?

juanriccio: not really. Looks OK to me.

seafood is a bit sharp on the wallet anyway

luciana: we will order only a little bit hehe

juanriccio: I’d take king scallops pan-fried

or lobster (but i bet the portion is quite small)

also moules marinieres should be pretty good (and presumably cheap)

because this is the right season for mussels

luciana: what is Lemon sole?

juanriccio: lemon sole = sole fish (a flat fish)

I guess it’s cooked with lemon juice in a pan.

that’s baby food to me. Quite unattractive. I would never order it.

But I don’t like fish much; you might like it.

luciana: i want smth light, and not complicated to eat 🙂

+ interesting

juanriccio: i’d go with the scallops

it’s going to be light (5-6 scallops, I’m guessing… 😐 )

and they’re VERY easy to eat (meaty buttons)

I had some when we were together if you remember.

luciana: what else?

juanriccio: if you are hungrier, moules marinieres – cheap and in perfect season.

lobster is hard to eat and expensive. I love it though.

also pan-fried king prawns sound tasty

but will they be shelled or not? (easy to eat?)

luciana: no idea what a prawn is 🙂

juanriccio: it’s like a large crevette

10-15 cm long

luciana: ok

u r a nice man to talk to

i can apply to you for any advice

food, wine, IT, essay

juanriccio: 🙂 ({)

man of many resources 😉

luciana: yes

and many resources are hidden as well


juanriccio: oh grazie :-$ you know I like you (K)

I miss you

luciana: me too

you, not myself LOL

juanriccio: ahahaha 😀

a fine point indeed 😉

luciana: aha

i am not selfish 🙂

juanriccio: brava (Y)

I know very well you aren’t….

luciana: ok, juan, i have to go to the gym

thanks for your advice on seafood


Insomma, va a un ristorante di pesce a consumare cibo notoriamente
afrodisiaco. Mi ha chiesto di tradurle alcune frasi in francese, e non
erano proprio “la plume de ma tante”, né “le jardin de ma zie”, per
dirla alla Alberto Sordi. Mi immagino
il cameriere che mi chiede: “Coquilles St.Jacques ou
moules pour messieur?”

E io che evito la grassa battuta mordendomi la lingua.
Comunque a lei non chiederò niente, perché mi
sembrerebbe quasi di violare un patto.