<!– A voice, a guitar, and a bit of moon(nezz) –>

Random guy : Where are you from?

Juan : I’m Italian.

Random guy : I see. Whereabouts in Italy?

Juan : Napoli, Naples. Southern Italy, on the west coast.

Random guy : Oh! I’m so sorry, I heard about it.

Juan : About what?

Random guy : The munnezza thing. I watched the news on the TV and they showed heaps and heaps
of rubbish, it’s a real problem isn’t it?

Juan : Uh no, actually not. You see, it’s only in a few suburban areas, actually. I mean,
my neighbourhood is different. We recycle our waste, we’ve been recycling it for years! We’ve got door to door collection… really.

Random guy : Aha, of course. Just a few areas. (Ma poco convinto)

Tutto questo prima ancora di sfiorare l’argomento "politica". C’è da
meravigliarsi se spesso dico di
essere spagnolo?