<!– Veicolo in vendita –>

Ahimè, i Dirottatori devono dire addio a
Fredom. Ce lo vendiamo
perché abbiamo altri progetti (che per ora, com’è ovvio, sono
segreti). Ricevo e pubblico.

(6 wheeled, 8.5 tonne Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier)


The Space Hijackers are selling our tank in order to focus on other  

Hitting the international press and featuring on more than one  
television news item, this is a vehicle like no other. It’s a fully  
legal, armoured battle limo capable of carrying 11 people on the  
mission of your choice. And it's the most fun thing we've ever driven.

Spending most of its life in a British Army base in Belgium, FREDom  
(as we’ve named him) was decommissioned and eventually found its way  
into our hands. We registered the vehicle and made it road worthy –  
much to the Metropolitan Police's disbelief!

A tank in the hands of the "laughing cavaliers of anti-capitalism” was  
always going to cause a stir. We used our tank to expose an arms fair,  
defend Hackney against an Olympic onslaught, and spoof the policing of  
the April G20 protests in London.

FREDom’s last outing culminated in the Police taking possession of our  
vehicle after arresting all 11 people inside. After much public  
outrage, the case was dropped, and FREDom returned to his rightful  

The Police managed to crash our tank into a riot van on the way to the  
pound. [!!!] So he received a knock to the wing and headlamp and needs  
some repair to make him road worthy. The riot van was a write off.  
Poetic ouch.

Want it? Ok. Some things you need to do once you own it:

Front left-hand-side wing bent, headlight glass needs replacing, side- 
light wiring needs tweaking. As with all of these vehicles, you need  
to charge the accumulators [these run the hydraulics and can be  
charged with any inert gas. Then just top up the brake fluid, engine  
oil and water. Should you need any help, we can put you in contact  
with people who know about this sort of thing.

Aside from the police damage mentioned above, this is in great  
condition. The engine runs smoothly (although noisily) and starts  
first time.

The vehicle is currently located in South London. Buyer must collect  
(we have contacts for truck hire)

To book a viewing or for more info, please contact tank@spacehijackers.org

Saracen FV603 6 wheeled armoured personnel carrier
Seats 11 (8 passengers, one driver, one commander, one gunner)
Size - 2.5m x 5m x 2.5m
Colour - Navy Blue with black and white checked stripes
Built - 1957

MOT / Road Tax - Exempt
Annual Insurance - approx. £130
Driving Licence Category - D1 (large minibus)
Petrol Consumption - don't even ask

Asking price - £7000 ono

Please forward to anyone you think may be interested.